iOS 9: hidden features, tips and tricks

iOS 9, Apple's latest operating system, is now up and running across iOS devices around the world and has brought in major updates to Siri, iPhone battery settings and introduced new APIs and storage saving options.

While the new iOS won't seem much different from iOS 8.4 at first glance, you'll keep discovering more and more new features as you get used to running it. However, if you wish to make the most of its capabilities now, here's a list of brand new updates and functionalities that have come with iOS 9.



While the buttons look the same, you can now look at all the alphabets in upper case while using the upper case mode. It'll now be much easier for you to know if you're typing in uppercase or lower case while typing passwords which only appear as dots on the display.

New low power mode in battery

iOS 9 has brought in a battery saving feature and a low-power mode in your iPhone's settings that will turn off several background programmes to let your iPhone run for an extra three hours.

The new battery feature in settings also displays battery power consumed by individual apps in the last 24 hours. This is a great guide for you to identify the culprit apps and shut them down when you're not using your iPhone or iPad.


Six-digit passcode

Your iPhone's or iPad's security setting has now been greatly enhanced with the introduction of a six digit passcode. This passcode has over one million combinations which will be much harder to crack than the existing four-digit passcode.


New folders in Photos

With iOS 9, you will now be able to view a separate album of your selfies as well as screenshots! Gone are the days when you had to search for your selfies among hundreds of images in your photo album.

You can also hide some of your photos from Moments, Collections and Years, thus letting you show pictures to your family and friends that you want them to see.


The ever-stagnant Notes app finally has something new to offer. You can now draw or make sketches on new notes using your fingers and can choose among a pencil, a thick marker or a fineliner.



Siri is now more responsive and is catering to a whole new world of user requests. If you wish to go back down memory lane and want to see pictures of a picnic that you were part of several years ago, Siri will bring those photos up from the photo library in your iPhone.

Siri can also suggest apps to launch and people to get in touch with based on your usage history. It also keeps a track of traffic conditions and reminds you when to leave for appointments.

The best part is that you can now turn Siri's voice off if your phone is on silent. That'll prevent Siri from lending its voice when you're in a meeting!



The revamped Maps app now uses real-time bus and train information to help you commute and find directions to places you haven't been to before. You will now be able to see frequencies of buses and trains as well as the distances of the nearest bus and train stations from your location.


The new-look Wallet is the perfect place to save your credit and debit card information for NFC payments. You can also save your boarding passes, cinema tickets, retail coupons and loyalty cards there to ensure that you never lose them.

Wallet can be accesses by double tapping your home button.

Wi-Fi Assist

The new Wi-Fi Assist setting in iOS 9 will help you use mobile data in places where poor Wi-Fi access is crippling your work or performance. If activated, this setting automatically disconnects Wi-Fi and lets you work using your mobile data.

Wi-Fi is not available in iOS 9 installed in iphone 4s.

New iCloud drive

Just like Windows 10 which introduced a 'OneDrive' drive in PCs and laptops, you can now access an iCloud Drive app on your iPhone or iPad. You just need to acttivate this feature in Settings.


Toggle between apps

Accessibility is one of the key features of iOS 9. Your reliance on the home button is now greatly reduced and you won't have to minimise an app and open another while switching between them.

Instead, iOS 9 lets you switch between apps through a 'Back to ... (app)' on the top right corner of the display. Once you click on it, you will be able to go back to an app which you were using previously.


Search a Setting

You can now search for a setting if you're not sure where it is hidden. Access to individual app settings, privacy modes and iCloud is much easier through a search option at the top.


Instant access to Music

iOS 9 now offers instant access to your Music app without having to unlock your screen and then clicking on the Music app.

As soon as you plug in your headphones, a Music logo appears on the bottom right corner of the lock screen. You just need to swipe over it to start listening!


Desktop-version of mobile sites

You can now choose to view desktop versions of websites that have been optimised for mobile viewing. This will let you view the websites just like you will if you were accessing them from a computer.


New Spotlight

While Spotlight used to let you search for anything available in your iPhone or the web, the updated one in iOS 9 now offers suggestions in terms of apps, people to call and brings in the latest news.

If you search for a Contact, Spotlight will offer you not only contact information, but also shortcuts for FaceTime, texting and calling.

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