All is not well with WatchOS 2

WatchOS2, Apple's hurried pill for the Apple Watch to get the latter competing with the rest of the smartwatch world again, isn't ready for release yet.

Sources say that the WatchOS 2 was supposed to be launched along with iOS 9 at 6PM GMT yesterday, but didn't make an appearance as it went down with a bug. Apple, however, settled a few nerves later by claiming that WatchOS 2 will land shortly.

WatchOS 2 will bring in more watch faces and will make apps perform in a more fluid and faster manner. It will also enable third party apps to display notifications in the watch face and will give the Watch greater functionality like ability to take dictation, greater use of emoji as well as Digital Touch for drawing and sketching.

You will also be able to reply to texts with audio messages and the fitness apps in your Apple watch will connect directly with the accelerometer.

However, the Apple Watch will still retain the same battery life and activity tracking features as before.

As for the bug, Apple hasn't stated anything regarding its nature, how critical it is or how long it will take to kill it, so predicting a release date for the new OS wouldn't serve any purpose at the moment.

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