This malware can change your Android phone's PIN!

While malware attacks on smartphones, be it on any operating system, are commonplace and we hear about new ones almost every day, a new malware has emerged which has the power to change your phone's PIN and thus render it unusable.

Named Porn Droid, the malware even demands a fine to be paid by establishing your criminal intent. Calling itself as a viewer of adult content, it can usually be contacted on forums for pirated software or third party app marketplaces.

Once it enters your phone, Porn Droid installs itself and asks you to click on a button to open the viewer app. However, if you click on it, you will inadvertently also click another button underneath that sets administrator privileges.

A soon as it gains these admin rights, the malware locks your screen and changes the PIN to render it unusable by you.

As per reports, Porn Droid also makes users view a notice from FBI claiming that they have viewed “prohibited pornography" and need to pay a $500 fine within three days.

One of the most effective ways to protect your phone from malware is to boot it to safe mode and deactivate admin rights. However, this doesn't work with Porn Droid as it uses a call-back mechanism to reactive them. It can even shut down mobile antivirus solutions like Avast and Dr. Web.

You can still find a way to beat Porn Droid if you have root access to your phone or use advanced security software to debug it.

Modern malware are usually turning out to be ransomware by using a hack as a tool for demanding money. Most hackers demand ransom for leaving your device free and stay put until you either pay the money or abandon the phone forever along with all your data.

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