Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus: Specs, pricing and pictures

As expected, Apple has unveiled its latest generation of smartphones with the launch of the iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus at an event in Cupertino today.

Tim Cook kicked off the launch by comparing the growth of iPhone sales compares with the rest of the smartphone industry which is currently in decline.

Cook said that the iPhone 6s, despite the similarity in size with the iPhone 6, is nothing like the existing device, and is the most advanced smartphone in the world.

The iPhone 6s is now available in a Rose Gold finish and is also available in Silver, Space Grey and while colours.

The 4.7 inch Retina display is protected by the strongest glass available in the industry, and features 3D Touch technology. The 5.5 inch Retina display of the iPhone 6s Plus also contains the same feature. The new Multi Touch feature in both iPhones enables you to control them through touch-based gestures.

New capacitive senses built inside the display combines with an accelerometer to enable the iPhones to respond effectively and quickly to your fingertips.

The new 3D touch technology works with in-built apps like messages, mail, Maps, Music and can take actions within apps even without opening the apps. With functionalities like opening mails, sending them to trash folders, swipe across messages and even apps and changing app settings right from the desktop, 3D Touch seems like the most revolutionary feature coming with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

The new A9 chip in the two new iPhones is 90 per cent faster in terms of GPU speed than the A8 chip powering the existing iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and also 70 per cent faster in terms of CPU speed.

The A9 contains a built-in co-processor M9 which helps with tasks like health features and interacting with Siri. The new Touch ID feature is also twice as fast as the one in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Apple has also introduced a new 12MP iSight camera with the new iPhones. The new camera contains twice the number of pixels than those in the iPhone 6 camera. The sensor also has 50 per cent more pixel clarity to reduce noise in images and also enhances quality. The bigger sensor can also take better Panoramic photos while maintaining image clarity.

The 12MP iSight camera is also capable of shooting 4k videos. The 5MP FaceTime Camera can also take accurate selfies and contains True Tone feature which emits flashes that are consistent with the surrounding environment which make the pictures look real and not overly bright.

Apple has also introduced a new feature called Live Photos. Once you long press on an image, the image turns into a short 1-2 second video that reminds you of the moments when the photos were pictured. Once the feature is turned on, it extends every image to cover the instants preceding and following the moment when it was clicked.

The new LTE connectivity is twice as fast as its predecessor and contains 23 bands. The new iPhones come with new silicon covers, lightening connectors and a choice of covers for both variants.

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will be available for the same price as their predecessors. The iPhone 6s will cost you £129 for the base model and the larger iPhone will retail at £195 on two year contracts, once available.

The supporting ecosystem, iOS 9, will also launch on September 16 and will be available for all iPhone models that are covered by the existing iOS 8.


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