Apple's new iPad Pro- Specs, pricing and Apple Pencil

Apple has just launched its new and revolutionary iPad Pro tablet with a 12.9 inch display with 5.6 million pixels.

The iPad Pro is powered by Apple's new A9X chip, generally considered to be the elder brother of the A9 chips which will power the next generation of iPhones.

The new 64-bit A9X chip is considered to be 1.8 times faster than the A8X chip which powers the iPad Air 2, and is also faster than 80 per cent of PCs shipped all over the world in the last twelve months.

In terms of audio quality, the iPad Pro comes with a 4-speaker audio system and puts out 3 times the volume of an iPad Air 2! The four speakers are arranged on four corners of the iPad to distribute sound effectively.

Apart from the smart keyboard usually present in all iPads, the iPad Pro can also be used with a physical keyboard that will be sold separately by Apple. This will let you use the new iPad both as a tablet as well as a regular MacBook.

An unexpected development has also taken place with the launch of Apple Pencil, a long and round stylus to go with the iPad Pro. Apple Pencil has sensors on its tip and works with Force Data to create new designs and contours on the display.

With the new iPad Pro, you will be able to edit three streams of 4k videos at the same time. Built using Apple-woven fabric, the iPad Pro also features a revamped battery which can make it run for ten hours on a single charge under regular usage.

The iPad Pro will be available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB variants and an LTE-capable variant will also be available. The starting price of the iPad Pro will be $799 (£520) and the device will start selling from November.

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