Two days to go before the next iPhone launch! Here's what's coming!

iPhone lovers, bring in your chairs and take a deep breath. While Android lovers are used to seeing new phones once every fifteen days, as far as you are concerned, love happens just once a year.

And the day is the day after tomorrow.

“Hey Siri, give us a hint,” so went a highly restricted invitation from Apple, pointing to a event on the 9th which will have millions flocking to the Cupertino giant's live stream, abuzz with expectation. We'll be there too, but it won't be hard to say that quite a few hints have already come our way on what we'll see on the 9th.

Here're a few of them, just so you know.

Force Touch

If you're dreaming of a 6-inch iPhone, you'll probably be disappointed. However, Apple plans to make the iPhone 6s meaner, if not leaner. The most prominent feature this time will be Fore Touch, a concept which is already up and running on the latest Macbook and the Apple Watch.

The new touchscreen will respond to a tap, a press and a long press differently. It could open either Maps or Apple Music or work as a shortcut to other features that you may use frequently.


iPhone 6s could almost certainly be the first iPhone to break the 10MP barrier. As per 'hints', we are looking at a 12MP rear camera that will be able to shoot 4k videos.

The front camera will also feature a flash, panoramic capability and 1080 pixel resolution as against 720 pixels in the iPhone 6.


The upcoming iPhone 6s will also feature a Qualcomm MDM9635M chip which will deliver more than twice the download speed than the iPhone 6, supporting speeds as high as 300Mbps. This could mean that the iPhone will not only support 4G, but also 5G speed if it hits UK by next year.

New chip

A not so recent hint in August has suggested that iPhone 6s will incorporate, for the first time for an iPhone, System in Package (SiP) technology with Printed Circuit Board (PCB) architecture. If you aren't much into technical lingo, SiP ensures that the iPhone's circuit boards are more compact and efficient and take lesser time to build. The iPhone's heat dissipation fins will be thinner than ever at 1mm and the new A9 chip will be smaller than the existing A8 by as much as 15 per cent.

Internal storage

Several genuine sources have suggested that the iPhone 6S and the 6S Plus will feature 32GB as base storage, thus removing the last figments of anxiety among users about the absence of an additional memory slot. The upper limit, however, will remain confined to 128GB as of now.


Future Supplier, a firm that sells parts of mobile phones and similar gadgets, got hold of an iPhone 6S Plus shell last month that they think is sturdier than that of the original iPhone 6 Plus. While a layman would hardly find any difference between the new case and the old one, seasoned Apple-watchers at Future Supplier noticed a change in position of the screw hole for the loudspeaker. They also said that the case looked and felt a lot stronger than the original iPhone 6 Plus case. Goodbye, bendgate!

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