Motorola Moto 360 (2015) review

The original iteration of Motorola’s smartwatch bowled over fashion and tech pundits alike with its beautiful aesthetics and functionality.

In a world of square smartwatches with limited brawn, it stood out like a shining star and was voted for by the public last year to win Best Wearable at the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2014.

Motorola have taken their winning formula and customised it further with the 2015 versions.

Look and feel: The Moto 360 as it was is no more, it has been replaced by three broad range of watches. There is a sporty version with a silicone strap, there is a large men’s version thats available with either leather or metal strap and there is one for us lucky girls with a slimmer form factor and thinner straps, both leather and metal.

The leather is still very soft and the metal bands come in gold, silver and black. The smaller of the watches additionally comes with a rose gold dial option too, perhaps to curry favour with Micheal Kors loving ladies…

Moto 360 apps

The new version of the watch lets you record messages using your voice as well as the internal memory means you can make and recieve phone calls as well as store music on your watch and listen to it with a Bluetooth headset.

The watch is also wifi enabled so you dont have to always depend on power-sapping Bluetooth to keep you in the loop.

A special feature called Live Dials makes it easier for you to dive in with shortcuts right on the watch face to the apps you use most.

Additionally, the sensors to log steps, calories and heartbeat has been tweaked to give you a more accurate result and the watch features addditional support to help you prod and push you towards a better healthy lifestyle.


The watch starts at £229 and O2 have already announced they will be stocking a few versions of it. 

Early verdict:

I have always been a fan of smartwatches or any device which means I dont have to have my phone in my hands all the time. I am one of those people who is always worried about being out of touch... However, pst of the smartwatches feature massive dials, and I can understand the need as that is the only real estate manufacturers get to stick a battery underneath.

I have always wondered why there are no watches that are sleeker with smaller dials and as always Motorola have tapped into that market of the discerning buyer who doesnt think big is always best.

They delivered class with their first watch and a year on have fine-tuned a product that is more forward looking than some of the others we have seen from its competitors.

We should have an in-depth review for you very soon!



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