Samsung launches the Gear S2 smartwatch in two variants

Samsung seems to have made a permanent shift in smartwatch design today by launching the Gear S2, its latest and most advanced Gear device ever.

Not that we have been caught unaware. Samsung had given enough hint of what's coming by releasing fresh Software Development Kits (SDKs) for its upcoming Gear device back in April. The release had said that Samsung's seventh generation Gear device will look like a wrist watch with a circular face.

Since we have the official spec sheet of the Gear S2 in our hands now, we can confirm that the Gear S2 has scored a first in terms of display resolution among smartwatches. Compared to the Apple Watch's 293 ppi, Moto 360's 205 ppi, and the LG G Watch R's 247 ppi, the Gear S2 fares quite well with a 302 ppi resolution.

The round watch is just 11.4mm thick which is 1mm less than the original Gear S smartwatch, and its face is a 1.2 inch circle, much smaller than the 2 inch Curved Super AMOLED display in the Gear S.

Based on Samsung's home-grown Tizen based wearable platform, the Gear S2 features a 512MP RAM, an internal storage of 4GB, a Dual core 1.0 GHz CPU and a 250mAh Li-ion battery.

Apart from the Gear S2, Samsung is also releasing a Gear S2 Classic variant which the company says is "made for those who prefer a more timeless watch design, offering an elegant black finish with a matching genuine leather band."

While the Gear S2 Classic will be available in only a black case and a leather band, the Gear S2 will be available in two options, namely a Dark Gray case with a Dark Gray band and Silver case with a White band.

In terms of functionality, a Gear S2 with 3G connectivity will also be available, featuring the first-ever e-SIM with voice capability. All variants of the smartwatch will perform functions like glance notifications for calendars, e-mails, news and texts along with an option for sending texts as well. Inbuilt NFC technology will also assist with mobile payments and the device will feature as a pivot of your connected home in the coming days with functionalities like smart car keys, residential room keys, and remote controls.

All variants of the Gear S2 will be showcased on September 3 at IFA in Berlin. Availability and pricing of the smartwatch will be announced after the event. For detailed specs, do visit Samsung's official blog.

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