Have you jailbroken your iPhone? Your Apple account may have been hacked

Did you ever jailbreak your iPhone just so you could install a few apps or get your iPhone to do things it isn't supposed to? Well, your Apple account may not be very secure if you did.

A new research conducted by Weiptech and Palo Alto has revealed that over 225,000 Apple accounts have been hacked into, compromising the user's login details, device IDs and purchase receipts. Alarmingly, all the affected Apple accounts were of those who have jailbroken their iPhones.

Popular jailbreaking tools like Cydia install malware which steal information from iPhones and upload them in separate servers which can easily be hacked into. Since Apple does not approve of jailbreaking, the affected Apple accounts are not protected by the company's security systems which lead to such vulnerability.

The research also revealed that Apple accounts in iPads and Apple TVs can also be hacked into, apart from iPhones. However, if you haven't jailbroken your device or do not intend to in the future, you need not worry as such malware would find it very hard to get inside your devices.

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