You can now sync your iPhone with Android smartwatches!

With just the Apple Watch as the real smartwatch option for iPhones, iPhone users are used to just sit and watch as dozens of new Android Wear smartwatches released by the likes of LG, Samsung and Motorola pass by, featuring attractive designs and new features.

However, the wait seems to be finally over as the new Google Wear platform has now turned into an iOS app. You will now be able to choose among dozens of new smartwatches to work with your iPhone rather than waiting endlessly for new updates to come up on WatchOS.

Since smartwatches are mere extensions of your smartphone, and they are programmed to work around your phone, offering you notifications, texts and call alerts that generate on phones. This keeps smartwatches with no identity of their own, being restricted to platforms that are compatible with smartphones.


With Google Wear now available in iOS, smartwatches will be able to cater to users who use both Android and iOS platforms, and will also lead developers to create apps that work with both platforms.

David Singleton, Director of Engineering at Android Wear, says, “When you wear something every day, you want to be sure it really works for you. That’s why Android Wear offers countless design choices, so you can find the watch that fits your style. Want a round watch with a more classic look? Feel like a new watch band? How about changing things up every day with watch faces from artists and designers? With Android Wear you can do all of that. And now, Android Wear watches work with iPhones.”

The new app will be compatible with iOS 8.2 and later versions, so if you own either of iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, or 6 Plus, you will be able to browse around for Android smartwatches if the Apple Watch doesn't really impress you.

However, the new marriage comes with its own complications. Android smartwatches will offer you basic notifications, and for advanced options or to receive optimum content, you will need to download a flurry of Google apps on your iPhone, effectively turning into a quasi-Android phone. Functions like health information and calendar appointments won't work with Apple's Healthkit or the calendar in your iPhone. To get Android smartwatches work like the Apple Watch, you just need to give them some time to settle down and receive new updates in the process.

Nevertheless, the move could be revolutionary for the smartwatch industry and their relevance in the future. Making the Apple Watch compatible with Android smartphones would be the icing on the cake!

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