Not happy with your mobile keyboard? Try this Rolly keyboard by LG

While there's no contesting that our fingers are now as attuned to our mobile keyboards as fish to water, there's little doubt that when it comes to new technology, bigger is always better. Isn't it?

LG thinks so too. The phone maker is taking a fresh swipe at the mobile accessories market by launching its first solid rollable wireless portable keyboard, simple known as Rolly keyboard.

Made of impact-resistant and durable polycarbonate and ABS plastic, Rolly keyboard may soon end our troubles with miniscule smartphone keyboards by connecting to smartphones through Bluetooth technology. The keyboard can be folded along four rows and carried around in our pockets just like we carry our wallets.

Rolly keyboard features two strong arms that can hold a smartphone or a tablet in upright position to make our work easier. It can connect with two different devices at the same time. It also features 17mm keys that are slightly smaller than regular 18mm keyboard keys and, as per LG, "offer satisfying tactile feedback not found on flexible silicone keyboards."

The portable Rolly keyboard is supported by an AAA battery which can last for as long as three months of regular usage. Since the launch is due to take place at IFA at any time between 4th and 9th September, we aren't sure of pricing as yet. However, LG has confirmed that the keyboard will be available in Europe in the fourth quarter of this year.

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