Are you really missing the Galaxy Note 5? Here's why you shouldn't

Even though a lot of phablet buffs and regular phone buyers were sad to see Samsung hold back its Galaxy Note 5 from customers in the UK, a recently discovered flaw with the phablet's stylus design may make a lot of potential buyers thank their stars.

The stylus, one of the major selling points of the recently released Note 5, is designed in such a way that its tip and the base look very similar at first look. This would mean regular users may sometimes put the stylus back into the Note 5 in the wrong position after a period of use. This may seem normal, but a recent discovery has revealed that inserting the stylus in the wrong position might result in the stylus getting stuck inside and any attempt to pull it out may damage the internal stylus detection mechanism of the Note 5.

What's worse is that Samsung has refused to take the blame for this fiasco. Samsung contends that users must read the user manual supplied with the Note 5 to learn how to insert the stylus to avoid such situations.

Congratulations Samsung! You've just won the annual #Brainfail award!

A result of such a position is that Samsung won't be replacing any affected phones or stylus in the near future and users will have to bear the cost of repairs.

While the Note 5 has been at the receiving end of some criticism for the lack of a microSD slot and a non-removable battery, the latest flaw may very well put an end to whatever hopes of market domination Samsung had while launching the Note 5.

We're glad that the Galaxy Note 5 didn't roll out in the UK, and if it does in the near future, we aren't sure if the queues will be large enough.

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