Disgusted with ads on your smartphone? Apple will sort it for you

If you think online advertising is a bane that you'll have to endure for as long as you access websites on your phone, be rest assured that you won't have to, as long as you own an iPhone!

Apple is set to release iOS 9, the latest version of its popular mobile ecosystem, this fall. Along with many additions to the looks, security features, privacy settings as well as functionalities, iOS 9 will also pave way for Safari to block online advertising in a way that you'll no longer have to worry about them.

Even though advertising remains the largest source of revenue for most websites, their very presence frustrates most users, leading them to resort to ad blocking features. Apple's iOS 9 will bring in several apps to help you block such ads and are currently being tested by beta users of the upcoming ecosystem.

It is being said that one such app, named Crystal, can not only block ads but can also increase the speed at which websites load by as much as four times, thus saving both time as well as cellular data consumption.

The new concept of ad blocking will only target ads that are considered intrusive and unacceptable for users. For example, if an ad pops up on your iPhone that covers an entire article that you wanted to read and are unable to do so, the ad will be considered intrusive. Even if advertisers resort to designing ads that are deemed' acceptable,' we aren't sure if you will be happy about them either.

It's actually a boon for us that Apple does not derive any benefits from online advertising, and is thus more inclined towards blocking ads. Another factor is that iOS 9 will also land a killer blow to Google which absorbs 90 per cent of its revenues through ads displayed in its websites.

Online advertising is mostly targeted, and you will be at the receiving end of most ads that are thrown at you on the basis of information gathered by websites. However, more restrictive ad blocking features and apps in the future should let you browse in peace. Apple's iOS 9 is a good start, but we'll rather wait to see if similar ad blocking mechanisms will be introduced in Android and Windows phones in the near future.

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