Your next Surface tablet could contain an extra display

Even though smartphones have evolved considerably with newer Full HD displays, 4k screens and curved edges, the same cannot be said for tablets at the moment.

However, if you thought that the day when tablets would feature futuristic displays is still far, there's news that Microsoft is working on a new E Ink screen- a dual screen version of the Surface tablet which would be placed to the north of the tablet's keyboard.

While the new screen, showcased through a YouTube video, definitely improves the overall look of the tablet with its keyboard, it also performs functions like behaving like a Start Menu, an app launcher or displaying photos through apps.

Since the E Ink screen is as wide as the keyboard itself, you will also be able to use it as either a trackpad or as a writing surface using a stylus. The screen is being developed by Microsoft's R&D group named the Applied Sciences Group which has uploaded the video for all of us to see.

It the video is meant to be a teaser, we expect the E Ink screen to adorn Surface tablets probably by next year, but we'll wait for a more precise announcement from Microsoft to believe if the company is indeed planning on commercializing the screen.

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