Your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge phone will now be as good as the S6 Edge+

amsung has refused to budge. Yet again!

Ever since the Galaxy S6 Edge+ got a thumbs down for the lack of innovation and updates over the Galaxy S6 Edge save for a larger frame, Samsung's hopes of engineering a dramatic recovery in its smartphone sales has received a major jolt.

However, the company has refused to give up on its quest to sell the best premium smartphones in the world. It has now brought in a new software update called Edge that will allow users of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to enjoy features that have been launched with the new Galaxy S6 Edge+.

The update will basically change the design of apps in your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge phone and will also bring in a new font. Your phone may also feature a better sound quality with UHQ upscaler and Vacuum Tube Amp Pro updates.

A new Apps Edge feature will also let you slide out your favourite apps from the curved edge of your S6 Edge phone which should let you access the apps you need more easily.

You will also be able to choose how you want to get in touch with people in your contacts list, be it through a call, a text or an email.

The update is already in, so you can check on the list of updates pending on your Galaxy phone to get it now. While the update does do things to the looks and some aspects of your phone's performance, we aren't really sure if it will be enough to lure new buyers at the moment.

With iPhone 6s and 6s Plus poised for launch come September, the move seems to be a last ditch attempt by Samsung to retain its Galaxy S6 users. Interesting times!

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