Want to switch over to a better network? The Government is with you

Both Ofcom and DCMS are supporting a campaign which could allow you to switch if your network provider isn't offering adequate signal.

The campaign is being led by Scottish National Party MP Drew Hendry who wants consumer rights legislation to be extended to mobile phone contracts.

'It’s a campaign that is widely supported by the public, businesses, the government and Ofcom; there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be implemented. Both said they agree with the proposition, they’ve been unequivocal about that, the ball is now in their court to move that as quickly as possible,’ Hendry said.

Hendry added that the issue was close to his heart during the election campaign, when he 'spent a lot of time knocking on doors and speaking to people in their places of business.'

If the campaign gains official approval, it would be really easy for us to switch over without have to explain our decision to our operators. Predictably, Vodafone and O2 want the existing practices to stay, while EE and Three refused to comment.

Vodafone put the onus on Ofcom and the Government to approve policy reforms quickly in order to ensure that operators could build mobile network infrastructure at a quicker pace.

On the other hand, O2 stressed that its O2 Refresh programme which separates payments for the contract and the devices ensured an easy way for customers to switch over to other operators.

Having brainstormed on several initiatives like enabling 'gaining provider led' switching as well as an online tool to gauge signal strengths, Ofcom needs to find a way through at the earliest so that users like us shouldn't get stranded in the high-level mess.


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