Wishing for redhead Emojis? You are about to be disappointed

Are you wishing for a redhead Emoji that could describe you or your close ones? Well, there's little chance for you to get one this year, or for that matter, next year as well.

It's sad. We know.

Unicode Consortium, the firm that designs and approves Emojis for release, has just included 38 new Emojis in a short list, some of which could end up being released in the summer of 2016.

There were no redhead Emojis in the shortlist. However, an avocado, a partner for the dancing woman and a bacon made it to the shortlist.

It is possible that a majority of the shortlist Emojis won't make it through the final rounds of selection, thus saddening millions of Emoji lovers who would have wanted a comprehensive addition this time.

Even though Emojis are smaller and easier to use, recent studies find them being used only once in most cases, and instances of more than five identical Emojis being used together are very rare. However, with Sony Pictures winning the rights to make the first ever emoji movie, we hope we'll see a lot of Emojis making an appearance in the coming years.


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