No more flashing lights! Meet OnHub, Google's new Wi-Fi router

Smartphones have changed so much over the years, and modern tablets look nothing like what they were five years ago. But Wi-Fi routers? Well, they haven't changed since they were born.

Until now. Google just announced OnHub, a new wireless Wi-Fi router that features neither a family of wires nor constantly blinking lights.

Even so, Google insists performance is the priority for the new device. OnHub constantly searches for the best Wi-Fi signals in its area and relays it to you. You can even prioritise your tablet over your smartphone if you wish to stream a movie in it, and the best signals will channel over to your tablet.

OnHub also sports a circular antenna, which means you won't have to fuss over where to sit in order to get the best signal strength. The best and the friendliest feature of the router is that you can check the signal strength with the Google On app and can even fix network issues with its help.

But there's little to be excited about right now. OnHub is available for pre-orders only in US and Canada where it has also been declared out of stock. Nevertheless, UK offers the best broadband speeds in the world as we speak, and it won't be long before you'll be able to sport one in your study.

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