Leaked! Apple iPhone 6s will feature new SiP architecture

Apple's iPhone 6s launches next month, and if you are a tad unimpressed about having to wait till the last date to know what Apple's new device will be made of, you are in luck.

An unnamed user on Chinese social network Weibo has revealed a detailed list of schematics of iPhone 6s which includes specifics on circuitry as well as internal storage.

The user says that iPhone 6s will incorporate, for the first time for an iPhone, System in Package (SiP) technology with Printed Circuit Board (PCB) architecture. If you aren't much into technical lingo, SiP ensures that the iPhone's circuit boards are more compact and efficient and take lesser time to build. The iPhone's heat dissipation fins will be thinner than ever at 1mm and the new A9 chip will be smaller that the existing A8 by as much as 15 per cent.

The leak also suggests that Apple will release the iPhone 6s in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB variants, though this comes into conflict with various reports which have suggested that 32GB will probably be the base storage for the next iPhone.

Given that Apple is preparing new circuitry and hardware which are smaller that their predecessors, the iPhones are getting larger at the same time. This only points towards Apple trying to make space for a new feature or an existing feature. Our vote as of now is on a larger battery.

Apart from the circuitry, Apple will also incorporate Force Touch, a new display and a stronger casing  into the iPhone 6s. However, with Apple retaining the shape and size of the  iPhone 6, expect more internal features to surprise you come September 9.


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