Google’s Project Ara not coming anytime soon

Google's Project Ara, a rare and expensive venture into Modular phones, may not get launched in Puerto Rico after all.

Citing some major changes, which it didn't eleborate on, Google is set to delay the launch to a future date which, again, has not been announced.

Even though Project Ara was showcased at Google's I/O Conference in May, sources claim that Google is still a long way from perfecting the system. Ara is a revolutionary thought, and could bring in a revolution in terms of how we view it, hence needs revolutionary research to be developed.

Once developed, Ara platform will let you choose your smartphone's display, camera or extra battery of your own choice. You will even be able to replace features and malfunctioning modules regularly, thus negating the need of buying new smartphones every year.

The internal modules in Ara's platform will include features like medical devices, receipt printers, laser pointers, pico projectors, night vision sensors, or game controller buttons.

While the idea seems really cool and cost-effective, it still seems as distant as the IoT system and may take years, if not months, to be available commercially.

We just hope Google can do something about the Google Glass first.

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