Do you switch between iOS and Android? You could decide Samsung and Apple's future

If you are fickle about smartphones and keep trying out iOS and Android, Samsung says you are one of the mere 20 per cent who actually switch between the two ecosystems.

The trend is based on customer loyalty as well as many advantages that you may enjoy in sticking to a specific operating system. However, the fact that one in five eventually switch phones is due to the spurt of cross-syncing services that ensure you won't lose any data to any switch. These may include contacts, email accounts and calendars.

With smartphone sales in UK reaching a saturation point because everybody owns one already, the only selling point for Apple and Samsung is to prove to you that their phones are better than their rival's. Going by this logic, it’s possible, a few years down the line, that there will be more people like you who would like to switch.

The situation here is very similar to that in the United States where 20 per cent of iOS users have switched to Android and 16 per cent Android users have moved over to iOS in the last two years.

While you would be averse to switching between phones which look and feel almost the same, you might just give it a try if you come across a large-screen device or a premium smartphone that could do almost everything for you. The rise of iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge point to this phenomenon.

Even though modern phablets may not be easy to hold on to, they still occupy over 20 per cent of smartphone markets here and in the United States. Given that Samsung truly believes in investing in the premium phone and phablet market, the delay in launching the Galaxy Note 5 in UK could just tip the scales in favour of the iPhone 6 Plus' successor.


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