Want to check your operator's mobile phone coverage? Ofcom's online tool should help

Thinking of opening a new startup somewhere in the countryside? Well, there's no point if you don't find an operator offering fast mobile internet and a decent coverage.

Network operators have their own tools for determining quality of coverage, but it'll be hard for you to check and compare all of them to choose the perfect one unless you use Ofcom's brand new Mobile Coverage Checker.

The tool uses data from the big four operators, namely EE, Three, Vodafone and O2 to offer a consolidated summary of network coverage in any part of the country you wish to relocate to. Once you log in to the tool, just click anywhere on the map or enter a post code and you'll find the extent of coverage offered by each of these operators.

You can also use this option if you think your operator isn’t offering the best possible coverage in the area you live in.

So no matter how much individual operators advertise themselves or offer new bundles, you'll know exactly who to trust. To make things simple, Ofcom has resorted to colour coding over areas, choosing green for the best coverage and red for the least likelihood of coverage.

The tool will not restrict itself to mere signal strength, but will also show voice and data coverage, coverage inside and outside of buildings and areas where there are natural obstructions to coverage, such as valleys and hills.

Thanks to the tool, gone will be the days when operators used to woe customers through attractive hoardings and tall promises. Ofcom is also simplifying the process of switching between operators so that you will spend less time haggling with operators and more in enjoying superior speed and coverage.

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