LoL's dead, we love haha, says Facebook

If you were curious about how people usually express their mirth on social media, a new research on e-laughing has come up with some answers for you.

Most jokes, photobombs, epic fails and slip ups evoke laughter in various forms like haha, hehe, lol or Emoji characters. However, only a little less than 2 per cent worldwide have ever used 'lol' when their funny nerves were activated on Facebook.

Instead, 'haha' took the crown, having been used over 51.4 per cent occasions, followed far behind by Emoji characters at 33.7 per cent and 'hehe' at 12.7 per cent.

The study also found that Emojis are particularly popular among women and young boys and girls, while adult males make do with long hehes.

Yet, the majority go with the 'ha' expression, either as the simple 'haha', the funner 'hahaha' or the exploding 'hahahahahahas.' On the other hand, 'lol' always stays 'lol' and instances like 'lololol' are extremely rare, though you may find some 'lolz' on Facebook once in a while.

Even though Emojis are smaller and easier to use, the researchers find them being used only once in most cases, and instances of more than five identical Emojis being used together are very rare. 

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