Cortana on Android gives Google Now a run for its money

The fight of the big three is set to get hotter. While Siri, Cortana and Google Now have been slugging it out from within the safe confines of their operating systems, word is out the Cortana will soon give Google Now a run for its money in the latter's own backyard.

You heard right. The Cortana app for Android devices is going through an overhaul which should be completed soon. Once it is ready, you will be able to make her replace Google Now as your personal assistant.

However, unlike in Windows phones, just saying 'Hey Cortana' won't wake her up and you will have to long press the home button in your Android phone to get her working. This is owed to hardware incompatibility rather than any shortcomings in the software that runs Cortana.

Since the new feature is currently in beta stage, you can still try it out now on the Windows website after filling in a short survey.

Earlier in May, Microsoft announced for the first time that Cortana will make her first leap beyond the struggling Windows platform and enter Android phones. Her foray in iOS devices will, however, have to wait until the end of the year.

While Cortana will not be able to access third party apps in Android phones, she may still be a very handy assistant with functions ranging from flight tracking, monitoring traffic and calculating the time required to travel between destinations as well as giving daily reminders.

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