Your Android phone could be a boon for stalkers

Android phones, despite being children of separated parents- namely Google and respective manufacturers, have their own advantages in terms of features, several interfaces, variety in design and performance as well as pricing.

However, one area where they are vulnerable is that of security breaches and possible hacks. Once your phone is hit, how soon you can get it corrected depends on when your phone's manufacturer releases a patch or which version of Android is installed on your phone.

Apart from being risky, the process really tiresome.

And now hackers and stalkers have come across yet another vulnerability and they're exploiting it to the fullest.

Phone manufacturers usually install a remote support app in Android phones through which they can help users. However, they also keep special access to the phones which can now be hacked into.

So be it reading your texts, tracking where you go or even turning on your phone's microphone to listen to what you talk about, you stalkers are going to have a field day. More so, if you are using a Samsung, HTC, LG or ZTE phone.

Even though manufacturers have started releasing new security fixes, how soon your phone will be fixed can be anybody's guess. Since hackers continue to find new loopholes in modern smartphones' hardware and software, the manufacturer's actions are most often reactive than proactive, a terrible thing to imagine given how much is at stake.

Ask Ashley Madison users. They'll know the feeling very well!

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