Three wants to crack you up with world's first emoji comedy set

While you must be familiar with Emoji characters that are so widely used in our daily online chatter, have you ever been told stories and jokes with only Emoji expressions?

Celebrated comedian Adam Kay has written and translated several comedy sets into Emojis that will be showcased at Three's store to mark the opening of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

"Every time I gig abroad - whether it's France or Finland - I always try to do some material in their native tongue, so I'm getting pretty used to translating jokes... But Emoji is probably the hardest language I've ever had to tackle. There's over 20 symbols for clocks, but no symbol for 'the'," said Kay.

While the going has been tough for Kay, we're sure the comedy sets in Emoji will surely crack you up. If you weren't sure what some Emoji expressions meant, this should be a nice stepping stone.

Here are a few comedy sets to set you up for what's ahead!

Knock knock
Who's there?
Doctor Who?
Great TV show!


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