It is official, Brits cannot resist a #selfie

While owning smartphones has signalled a major culture change in the last few years, so has the recent selfie phenomenon which has gained widespread popularity in a short period.

Over 1.2 billion selfies were taken in UK in the last twelve months, a trend which has increased with the growing usage of smartphones among adults.

Over 30 per cent of smartphone users in UK have admitted to taking selfies, and ten per cent also admitted that they take one selfie at least once every week.

This has led to over 33 per cent of adults in the UK using their smartphones to get connected online, thus overtaking regular laptop users for the first time ever.

A study by industry regulator Ofcom said that preference of laptops as the main platform for connectivity declined from 40 per cent to 30 per cent in just one year. At the same time, the popularity of smartphones rose from 23 per cent to 33 per cent.

At the same time, Ofcom revealed that users spend 114 minutes per day on an average to use the internet from their smartphones. This is far more than a mere 69 minutes that users spend with their laptops.

The rise of selfies and smartphone usage has also been fuelled by rising internet speed which allows users to take selfies, edit them online and upload them quicker than ever before.

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