Windows 10: Top five hits and misses

If you have received your Windows 10 upgrade already, we're sure you would have browsed through almost every feature in the new operating system to figure out how they look and what's so new about them.

To make things simpler, we have pieced together a few aspects of Windows 10 that make it either the best desktop OS ever or in some cases, not worth the hype.

Read on.


The Hits

1. It's free!

Windows 10 is the first ever operating system that Microsoft is rolling out to existing Windows users across the globe for free. To add to that, the upgrade is being offered not only to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users, but also users of the legendary Windows XP as well.

With a share of over 60 per cent in the desktop OS market, Microsoft is slowly ensuring that over half of the world will be using Windows 10 soon.

2. It's everywhere

Set to feature not only in Windows PCs and laptops, Windows 10 will also be seen in smartphones, tablets, the HoloLens and Xbox gaming consoles. In short, no matter which platform you'll be using, you will always be able to transfer files between devices and get the latest patches and updates for free.

3. Customisation

Windows 10 will feature various faces and you'll be free to choose any of them for your desktop or laptop. With options like Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro edition, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Education and Windows 10 IoT Core systems, customisation is at the core of the new OS.

Windows 10 will also field a new feature called 'Continuum' which will adjust the home screen layout as per your usage and preferences.
4. Edge

Edge is Microsoft's official browser for the Windows 10 platform, which means Microsoft has bid adieu to the veteran Internet Explorer for good.

Retaining IE's logo, though slightly different, Edge is faster, leaner and more advan ced than its tired predecessor. Featuring integration with Cortana, it also contains a revamped look offering more surface area to browser tabs and better screen distribution to make way for more content.

Edge will also let you paint circles or drawings while working on the web through its new finger painting tool. So if you want to show something on your webpage to a friend, you can simply circle it and email it to him.

5. The Insider programme

The development of the Windows 10 OS has been made possible thanks to Microsoft's unprecedented 'Insider programme' which involved over 4.4 million users across the world.

Microsoft's team of engineers categorized their users' feedback under various topics and thereby set out to study each feedback to work out fixes to issues that were raised. Finally, Microsoft carried out over 18,000 fixes and updates to the operating system, thanks to the Insider programme.

You can also give real time feedback to Microsoft through a feedback app which will be present in all platforms that are running Windows 10.


The Misses

1. Initial bugs

Microsoft figured out, soon after the official release, that Windows 10 contained hundreds of new bugs that needed to be contained. We hear Microsoft is preparing to release a patch as heavy as 1GB to fix as many bugs as it can.

2. Windows Mobile not in yet

While Microsoft has marketed Windows 10 as the most inclusive OS yet, it seems strange that the company decided to delay the launch of the mobile version by several months. Recent reports suggest that Windows phone users will not get the new OS until Christmas.

3. Disappearing features

Features like Windows Media Center which used to be a common platform for games in Windows 7 and Windows 8 is no longer there in Windows 10. Instead, you will have to visit the Windows Store to browse for new games.

4. No support for older systems

While Microsoft is offering Windows 10 upgrade to users of the XP version, users of older Windows platforms like Windows 2000 and Windows 2001 have been left in the lurch. All they can do now is buy new PCs and laptops that feature Windows 10.

5. Heavy data usage

While a transition to Windows 10 from your existing Windows OS will cost you in excess of 2GB worth data, we are worried stiff as to how much more data from our precious contracts will be sacrificed for frequent patches and updates that Windows 10 will see in the coming days.

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