Updated: Over 500,000 impacted as EE recalls overheating Power Bar

EE has recalled all Power Bars belonging to a batch named E1-06, conceding that the bars posed fire safety risks due to overheating. The operator added that the Power Bars will be returned or replaced once investigations are concluded.

The urgent recall has now impacted over 500,000 customers across the country who have virtually no idea on when the Power Bars will be returned to them.

However, as a gesture of goodwill, EE is now offering £20 vouchers to all affected users to spend on accessories in the meantime.

Earlier, a medical student in Aberdeen escaped an EE power bar explosion with minor burns. She said the power bar went "like a firework" and set her room on fire. Once it blew up, it caused a loud bang and shot across her room, narrowly missing her head. Here's a picture she tweeted soon after the incident:


Here are a few things you should be aware of while using power banks:

Battery quality

To save up on manufacturing costs of Lithium-ion and Lithium-Polymer batteries, several manufacturers use cheaper batteries and even recycled batteries that can pose potential risks. It's better to Google out product history and performance before going for a low cost power bank.


Poorly designed circuits

Poorly designed circuits are also major factors behind power banks blowing up regularly. Proper circuits are designed to withstand and avert high voltages, short circuits and temperature fluctuations, which poor circuits cannot. With power banks carrying larger batteries than in smartphones and tablets, tie potential risks are much higher.


Following usage norms

Power banks contain chemicals and circuits that can turn fatal if not handled properly. Manufacturers share several do's and don’ts on how to use power banks and where to store them.

Keeping power banks in places where temperature and humidity are high can be fatal for you. You will also prevent explosions by either keeping you power banks away from heated areas, spilling water on them or by overcharging them. The latter is a major risk as most power banks do not contain power protection features and people tend to charge them overnight.

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