Nokia's HERE map could become your car's in-built GPS

While you must have heard that Nokia has been trying to sell off its HERE mapping business for a while, the Finnish company has finally announced that a consortium of premium automobile manufacturers has won the bid at last!

HERE has been a successful venture by Nokia in the online maps market and offers high definition maps combined with cloud technology for both businesses and individual users.

It has been so effective that we were hardly surprised when we learnt that firms like Uber, Amazon, Alibaba, Apple and Facebook as well as the carmaker consortium had drawn up their own bids. The clinching bid was of an astronomical $3.07 billion, though others weren't too far behind.

The deal now implies that your future supercars purchased from the likes of Audi, BMW and Mercedes will feature HERE maps as built in GPS systems for your navigation needs. Recently, TechCrunch said that HERE is  “one of the biggest and more valuable mapping assets to come to the market in years.”

Why not, when HERE offers public transit maps for more than 950 cities and can operate even without an internet connection. It also offers to connect cars "to local infrastructure such as traffic lights and parking spaces to help drivers save time and keep roads safer."

The purchase also means you will no longer have to purchase HERE mapping service separately for your next car. Given that HERE is currently optimised for the mobile tech industry, it can now become more attuned to the car industry and can offer even more navigation solutions that it does now. 

While Ford, Vauxhall and Volkswagen have been calling the shots in UK's automobile market recently, super-luxury carmakers like Audi, BMW and Mercedes have also recorded double-digit growths year-on-year. Keeping that in mind, it seems the big money investment on HERE is set to make navigation a whole lot easier for you in the coming days.

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