Samsung may reduce Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge prices soon!

How times change. Earlier in March, those sitting near Samsung's stalls at Mobile World Congress thought they were finally looking at two phones which could topple existing iPhones for the first time since smartphones evolved.

Barely four months later, Samsung's chiefs across continents are banging their heads as they look at the company's Q2 reports. It's yet another quarter of shrinking profits which fell 8 per cent year-on-year, forcing the company to accede that sales of Galaxy S6 phones had been "quite marginal."

While marketing costs are hard to put aside, Samsung is now looking at leveraging some balance by "adjusting the price" of the new phones.

Which means, sooner than later, we should read about a new price list coming out of Samsung's board rooms. While this could be a major risk for the company from a financial standpoint, it'll be great news for us buyers.

Samsung is also gearing up to launch its new Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus devices come August 13, which it hopes will turn the tide and bring in some money ahead of iPhone 6S launch in September.

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