Soon you will be able to make mobile payments using your voice

While passwords, pins and fingerprints are all fine, wouldn't it be great it you could authorise a payment from your mobile phone simply by saying 'Hello.'

ING Netherlands, a Dutch bank, has introduced voice-activated payments to make mobile banking and payments much simpler than other complex processes that customers have to endure.

The bank has brought in a new mobile app which can compare users' voices with samples already stored within a database. The app measures unique features like shape of vocal cavities and mode of delivering speech which are said to be more unique than even fingerprints.

The app can also keep a note of when and how many times fraudulent attempts are being made to access users' mobile banking systems.

While this is new for mobile banking, voice-based technology is currently being used actively in phone banking operations worldwide.

The new app was launched on Monday and is available for both iOS and Android smartphones. Once the new technology has been tried and tested, we are sure to see it being adopted by major banks in the UK in the coming days.


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