EE apparently most glitch-free network, says RootMetrics

If you are an EE customer, you'll be glad that your operator isn't letting you down just yet.

Network operators recently went under the knife just like you did during your last blood test, being scrutinised for clots and blocks as Rootmetrics surveyed 1.1 million users and clocked 24,000 miles just to munch on not-spots and connectivity cracks.

The survey was conducted on metrics like Overall Performance, Network Reliability, Network Speed, Mobile Internet, Call, and Text in the first half of the year. EE scored an impressive 89.4 out of 100 in overall ratings. Three followed a bit behind at 84.7 while Vodafone and O2 huffed and puffed to the finish line with 74.5 and 72.7 respectively.

Leaving behind the details, here are some specifics that you ought to know if you feel strongly about 4G performance and network reach.

EE's 4G reach has outrun the competition even as Vodafone and O2 are reaching out to cover new spaces.

Three is unable to maintain 4G speeds consistently.

While competition is fierce and close in cities, erstwhile not-spots and villages are yet to get access to all networks.

In cities, EE remains the sole operator that can provide median speeds of 20 Mbps. It recorded 35.7 Mbps in Belfast.

While Three cannot match EE in terms of speed yet, it exceeded expectations in terms of reliability, winning a number of  Call RootScore Awards.

O2 and Vodafone are yet to offer consistent speeds and connectivity across the four countries. However, their speeds and reach are increasing and the second half results would be a lot less tilted in favour of EE than it is now.

Apart from 4G reach and speeds, EE earned top spots in terms of call and text performance as well, scoring 86.2 and 94.5 respectively in these metrics.

O2 fared appallingly in mobile internet performance, network speed and network reliability, scoring 65.3, 72.1 and 71.3 respectively.


So the next time you go out to buy a new SIM, you know where to look.

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