Tired with storage and timid battery in your Galaxy S6? This new case has a solution for you

While Samsung's Galaxy S6 has been rated as the Korean company's most advanced and feature-rich smartphone ever, its somewhat Apple-esque features like absence of a microSD slot and a non-removable battery have caused problems among usual owners of Samsung phones.

While you could once save unlimited songs and movies in your SD cards, all you can do now is worry about cloud subscriptions. At 2,600 mAh, the battery too seems insufficient for a phone that contains so many internal features.

Rather than spending another huge sum on a phone with unlimited specs, how about getting a new case that can plug your worries and make the S6 the usual Samsung phone you once loved.

Incipio has come up with a new case for the Galaxy S6 that contains a microSD slot for 128GB storage as well as a 3,700 mAh battery, more powerful than the S6's own battery.

When using the case, you can toggle between storage and charging modes depending on your needs. This means you can now use your phone for much longer and can save many more movies without worrying about juice or space.

What's more, the case can be fitted on the Galaxy S6 Edge too! Just in case you thought you missed the bus by going for the more premium product from Samsung. The case also works well with Samsung's fast charging feature and has its own ports to accommodate slots for charging and housing SD cards.

Available for $89, the new case for your S6 or the S6 Edge can be ordered on Incipio's website. Shipping charges could be extra.

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