Tinder on a roll as Ashley Madison bites the dust

Ashley Madison is roast.

It's dead. To people for whom it used to be a speckle of opportunity, a ray of hope to mingle around while the spouse was busy cooking. Now that the lid is open, it's something they'll pretend they've never heard of.

While erstwhile members will hope to remove all traces of their existence on the dating site, there's been only winner who turned out unscathed.

It's another very popular dating site- Tinder.

Created for men and women who can catch up and share a relationship or two with people who live nearby, Tinder's user base has grown by leaps and bounds, boasting of members like Leonardo DiCaprio and Hilary Duff.

Now that Ashley Madison is down in the dumps, choking itself with tonnes of private data that could leak out any moment, Tinder is revelling in the limelight. Whether it was due to user migration or lack of activity elsewhere, it now boasts the biggest increase in App Store rankings in July in terms of app engagement. 

As per data in VB App Engagement Index published by Venture Beat, over 32 per cent of Tinder users check the app daily, making it the stickiest app on the planet. While it's still leagues behind social media giants like Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram, it is still finding itself in uncharted territory where it has never been before.

Someone's loss is another's gain, so they said. When a hacking affair cut Ashley Madison's life short, it changed Tinder's life.

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