Forget 8GB, Apple doesn’t even like 16GB iPhones anymore

While we were bidding goodbye to once-popular 8GB smartphones, new revelations from Apple's manufacturing partner Foxconn suggests the Cupertino giant is keen to shrug off 16GB iPhones from its inventory as well.

Sources within Foxconn have recently noticed that packaging for the next iPhone models do not include 16GB boxes, and that 32GB, 64GB and 128GB will be the only options available to customers come September.

So even if you started thinking that 16GB iPhones, which offer no more than 11.5GB worth storage space, weren't enough for your needs, you should rest assured now. However, we do not expect any official confirmation until the next iPhones are unveiled.

Yet another leak suggests Samsung will no longer supply internal storage hardware for Apple's iPhones following a breakdown of talks over pricing.

Earlier, Phil Schiller, Apple's Senior Vice President of Marketing, had said that users may not need iPhones with high base storage as iCloud compensates for the limited storage. The current U-turn suggests that pricing for 32GB base storage could have been an issue behind Apple launching 16GB models last year.

Even though iPhone 6S or the 6S Plus will be no different from their predecessors in terms of size, new technologies like Force Touch, higher RAM and storage, more powerful chip, hi-res cameras and additional colour options could be possible selling points come September.

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