Tired of Android? Here's how to switch to iOS

When Apple released its quarterly sales figures a couple of days ago, Tim Cook said that nearly 27 per cent of sales went to buyers who had switched over from Android phones.

Which means out of 47.5 million iPhone sold in the quarter, nearly 13 million were new buyers who were previously using Android phones. A similar reverse trend would have brought Apple down to its knees.

Principally responsible for the record sales of iPhones was Apple’s iOS infrastructure as well as new concepts like Apple Pay, Apple Maps and Apple Music along with the heavily-marketed Apple Watch which can be synced only with the latest iPhones.

If you're interested in trying out Apple's iPhone and its popular ecosystem, here are some tips on what you need to do:


Download the app

If you can wait until iOS 9 launch this fall, then simply download an app called 'Move to iOS' from Google Play. The app will help transfer your contacts, messages, email accounts, bookmarks, photos and music to new iPhone.


What if you've already switched?

If you've already purchased an iPhone 6, first back up all your content on a desktop or Cloud before transferring data through existing migration apps. Ensure that your Google account has been properly synced as well.

You will also need to add your Gmail account credentials on Mail and Contacts settings in your iPhone and all your mails, drafts and saved contacts will move over smoothly.

As far as music files are concerned, you'll need to bring your desktop back from the dumps and install iTunes in it. Sync your Android phone with your desktop and transfer all the music files to your desktop. Once done, you can add all these music files in your iTunes library which will get saved on your iPhone when it is synced with iTunes.


Your new iPhone will then be ready for use!

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