Acer Go is a Three exclusive smartphone for under £50

Looking for a decent smartphone that costs next to nothing and will let you talk and text as much as you want?

Three has introduced the new Acer Go smartphone that fits your bill. A simple Android phone weighing at just 120g and with a 1,300 mAh battery, a dual core processor, 5MP and 2MP cameras, 3G connectivity and 8GB storage, it's fit for you if you aren't looking for high speed browsing or HD gaming or even fitness tracking.

Available for just £49.99 on Three's pay-as-you-go offer, Acer Go can be yours on several pay monthly offers as well that are cheap as dirt and with no upfront cost.

A list of pay monthly offers is mentiioned here:

MinutesTextsUpfront costCost
500MB100 minsUnlimited£0£9
1GB300 minsUnlimited£0£12
4GB600 minsUnlimited£0£21


Available only in black, the phone also features Build Your Own Cloud (BYOC) app function which will let you sync multiple devices with your phone simultaneously. The phone's Go Float  User Interface will also allow you to open multiple apps at the same time in order to multi-task, though we're not sure if this functionality will be as smooth as Acer suggests.

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  1. Guest
    Guest22nd Oct 2015

    Help, can't seem to get a phone cover for this phone, GO, acer.

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