Critical Windows bug squashed, claims Microsoft

Microsoft recently searched out and squashed a bug that was said to be affecting almost all versions of its Windows software.

The bug was discovered by researchers of security firms FireEye and Trend Micro as well as Google's Project Zero experts who then tipped Microsoft about it. The bug was reportedly found in parts of Windows that were responsible for handling some font types.

If the bug was used, a hacker could easily invade a system and run his own software in it, causing a severe breach of privacy.

The criticality of the bug was amplified by the fact that Microsoft had to release a patch outside its monthly security update cycle as it couldn't wait around for the next cycle date.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is set to launch Windows 10, its most versatile and all-encompassing operating systems for a range of devices come July 29. We're not sure yet if test versions of the Windows 10 were plagued by a similar bug or not, but if they were, Microsoft would have surely squashed them by now.

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