Are you podcasting? You must be using an iPhone

If you ever felt like using your earphones to listen to stuff other than music yet equally interesting, podcast would be it.

From discussions on sports, fashion, movies, celebrities to wildlife adventures, Podcast has come a long way since being launched less than a decade ago. And now it seems that if you are tuned to podcasts, you are most likely an iPhone user.

Clammr, a social discovery platform for podcasts worldwide, has revealed that nearly 82 per cent of the population that tunes in to mobile podcast are iPhone users. A overwhelming majority among these users use Apple's home-grown Podcasts app for listening, a trend that doesn't seem like slowing down anytime soon.

It's not that Android isn't even turning up. Apps like Pocket casts, Beyondpod, Podcast Addict, Doggcatcher, Player FM and Stitcher are popular and have their own base of users, yet they hold very little of the global market share that Apple dominates.

Given that Android smartphones outnumber Apple's on a global scale, it seems Android podcast apps need to do a lot better if they hope to achieve parity in the coming years. The fact that Apple began pre-installing its Podcasts app on iOS 8 and later editions, the situation seems grave for Android as of now.

Mobile podcasting has grown so fast that it captures over two-thirds of the overall podcasts market, the rest being taken up by PCs and Macs. In the UK, poscasts like Sodajerker,  Real Time With Bill Maher, Stuff You Should Know and Little Atoms have attracted millions of listeners this year.

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