Upcoming iPhone 6S Plus to be sturdier than ever

When Apple's iPhone 6 Plus fell victim to the bendgate saga that had put several other similarly-sized gadgets on the limelight, we mulled over whether Apple would change anything in the upcoming model that would sort things, and here we are.

Future Supplier, a firm that sells parts of mobile phones and similar gadgets, just got hold of an iPhone 6S Plus shell that they think is sturdier than that of the original iPhone 6 Plus.

So if you feel you wouldn't spend a huge sum to buy a phone that bends, we can safely assume that Apple has heard you.

While a layman would hardly find any difference between the new case and the old one, seasoned Apple-watchers at Future Supplier noticed a change in position of the screw hole for the loudspeaker. They also said that the case looked and felt a lot stronger than the original iPhone 6 Plus case.

Apple is set to unveil its next range of iPhones in September as per its annual release cycle, unless the launch is either preponed or delayed by the Cupertino giant. Among the most plausible rumours are that the next iPhones would retain the physical characteristics of the existing ones but will feature several new changes in terms of internal specifications and functionalities.

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