Using Apple Pay for Tube travel? Make sure your iPhone or Apple Watch don't die

Given that Apple Pay is now up and running in the country, it's being considered a boon by many for making little payments like in coffee shops, confectionaries, pound shops and for Tube travel.

Being the eternal good samaritan, Transport of London has now issued an advisory for Apple Pay users that should save the latter some money and embarrassment.

The advisory goes like this:

"Customers must make sure their iPhone or Apple Watch has enough battery to complete their journey.

"If the battery runs out in the middle of a Tube or rail journey they will not be able to touch out and could be charged a maximum fare. Similarly a ticket inspector would not be able to read the device so the customer could be liable for a penalty fare.

"Where possible we will try to complete the journey automatically for the customer in the same way we do with contactless and Oyster. If the journey can’t be automatically completed customers can obtain a refund by logging into their online account or contacting customer services on 0343 222 1234 but we would always advise that the device should be charged before travel."

Using Apple Pay would mean using the NFC tech when swiping in as well as swiping out of a station to make payments. So if you're engrossed with the battery-guzzling Music app in your iPhone or trying out some apps on your Watch, you'd better look out for the battery charge if you don't fancy paying the maximum fare every time you board a Tube.

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