IoT to the rescue- first stop pollution and congestion

Riding on growing potential of the Internet of Things phenomena, the Government has announced a £10 million award for anyone who can come up with the best ideas on how to use IoT to tackle menaces like air pollution, noise pollution and traffic congestion.

The concept involves tie-ups of local bodies with tech firms and start-ups to create innovative ideas, which in other words, will be "a single collaborative research and development project to demonstrate the capability of IoT in a city region."

The money will flow from a £45 million outlay in the budget for investments on the Internet of Things.

Once new projects have been accepted and implemented, Government grants will vary as per institutions. While institutions of learning, local authorities and public bodies will receive 100 per cent of the eligible project cost, the share will be 70 per cent, 60 per cent and 50 per cent for small businesses, medium enterprises and large businesses respectively.

A good example of how IoT can help tackle environmental issues would be placement of sensors and monitoring equipment on gadgets that are known to cause noise or air pollution. Though effective monitoring that may include shutting off devices that exceed approved limits, pollution can be controlled decisively as per pre-set timelines.

While it is encouraging to see the Government getting serious on using digital capabilities to spur growth and tackle social and environmental ills, most of the initiative will hinge on the participation of private players and the general public.

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