Did someone say new iPods? Here's our wishlist

You may very soon find yourself scratching your head on which new iPod to get hold off.

Yes, Apple is finally coming up with a new range of its famed iPods just when we thought we had seen the last of them.

iGen, a French tech website, has come up with news on a probable launch of Apple's next gen iPods as early as tomorrow. If that's true, we'd say Apple has again done a pretty good job in keeping things under wraps for so long.

The probable launch will feature iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle in Classic Black, Gold, Electric blue and Fuchsia, Pink and Gray Sidereal colours.


Here are a few things that we would love the new iPods to feature:

Fingerprint sensor

Unlocking new iPods with fingerprints would surely be convenient for those who would like to keep their collections private and wouldn't want anyone else to use their iPods.

It'll be a great way to keep your iPod secure and your albums untouched.


Apple Music integration

Having launched Apple Music recently, it would seem highly improbable if Apple were to launch new iPods without containing plugins for the new streaming service.

If there's an integration available, you'll be able to play your own collections as well as stream music that you didn't hear before.

However, with Apple Music stated to be a major battery-burner on existing iPhones, we aren't sure if streaming music on iPods will be a good idea.



With more and more genres entering the mainstream, our music collections and preferences are expanding like never before. If you're paying hard money for premium new iPods, am sure you'll expect Apple to give you a 16GB internal storage to store your songs.


Beats headphones

While hearing about the return of the iPod is music to our ears, wouldn't it be more fun to hear that Apple will supply Beats headphones to go with our new gadgets?

Stuff of dreams, some will say. We will keep our fingers crossed though.


Wireless charger

Being much smaller than iPhones or iPads, iPods are easy to carry around and you won't feel their weight at all in your pockets.

This lets us carry them at all times and listen to our favourite tracks no matter where we are. This would almost certainly drain the iPod's battery in no time unless there's a way we can charge them up while on the go.

A separate launch of wireless charging stations for the iPods would surely be an icing on the cake for music lovers.


Even though Apple hasn't commented on the launch yet, if that does happen, we'll be the first to let you know.

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