Whatsapp on PC is more fun than ever

Social networking apps are seriously fun, more so because you'll hardly ever indulge in office talk in it, and because those cute emoticons bring so much life in our conversations.

While most of the chatter takes place in our smartphones, a few prefer to use the PC version, either because of larger keyboards or larger screens, or both. However, PC versions of the social networking platform were restricted from certain features that could only be accessed from the mobile app.

Now Facebook has brought in some new features in Whatsapp on Web that are set to make life a lot easier for desktop users.

In a first, you will now be able to change your Whatsapp profile picture from your PC. At a time when most of our pictures are usually taken from smartphones, some would argue that this increases the overall effort of uploading pictures. But some of us still keep our old pictures stored somewhere in computers and laptops, and the new feature will now be helpful if we feel like setting memories of our younger days as our profile pictures.

The web version will also allow you to change your statuses as per your moods. With over 500 million Android users from all over the world, the new features are set to increase Whatsapp's popularity, especially among those with poor battery backup in their phones and those who would prefer a larger window.

As per a recent survey, Whatsapp overtook text messaging as the largest communication platform in the world with over 30 billion messages exchanged every day.

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