Samsung's Galaxy S5 less Apple-like than Galaxy S6 flagships, say consumer Reports

Prior to the launch of Samsung's S6 and S6 Edge flagships, the Galaxy S5 was known as Samsung's black hawk that went down along with the firm's profits amid a surge in smartphone launches in the year before.

However, in a relief to the beleaguered S5, Consumer Reports have ranked it higher than the new S6 models in a list of best smartphones that money can buy.

The disastrous performance of the Galaxy S5 released last year forced Samsung to initiate Project Zero to revive its fortunes. This led to an all-time drop in customer expectations from Samsung as far as top-end smartphones were concerned. However, with the launch of new S6 models, Samsung has, to an extent, revived its status as a maker of premium smartphones that are hard to match.

Consumer Reports did rate the new flagships highly, praising their sharp displays, high pixel-per-inch ratio, wireless charging and attractive curves in the S6 Edge, but felt that they deviated from the 'anti-iPhone persona' that the S series was known for.

The Galaxy S5 contained helpful features that iPhones didn't, which helped Samsung market it as a differentiated product. Features like removable battery, water resistance, microSD card slots and decent battery life were all customer-friendly attributes that helped Samsung maintain a healthy user base. However, far-from-significant profits generated by the S5 had Samsung mull about a few compromises.

Consumer Reports believe that the S6 devices resemble modern iPhones a lot more in terms of looks and features than previous S series phones, making them less unique and thus getting downgraded. Principle features flagged by Consumer Reports included a metal and glass body, non-removable batteries, lack of memory expansion slots, no resistance to water and poor battery life.

In terms of ratings, the Galaxy S5 topped the list of best smartphones that money can buy, followed by LG's G4 and G3 models in second place. The fifth place was shared between the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Apple's iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S5 Sport.

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