It's woes galore for Apple Music

Apple Music may have been given a stunning launch following a loaded publicity campaign, it's first few days at work hasn't been as smooth as Tim Cook might have hoped.

Within a week of the launch, iPhone users who upgraded to iOS 8.4 have begun crying hoarse concerning huge battery drain that has reached unprecedented levels.

Some users complained that their iPhones lost as much as 60 per cent of battery capacity in just an hour and blamed the loss to the Music app. Even though Apple devices are no world beaters when it comes to battery life, 60 per cent in an hour is seriously unbelievable.

So far, it seems that Apple is scurrying for cover, having not addressed the concern yet. The Cupertino giant has also stayed mum when Apple Music Radio users in UK complained that they couldn't access featured radio stations.

We'd say Apple Music isn't the first music streaming app to face public wrath. Earlier this year, Spotify Mobile attracted massive media glare when it came to light that the music streaming app was a major cause of drain of battery life in Android phones, even when not in use.

In terms of battery drain rates among Android apps, Shazam takes the cake with a venomous 762mW, followed by SoundCloud's 734mW and Spotify's 628mW. To talk about battery-efficient music streaming apps would be like comparing them to fuel-efficient aircraft carriers. Basically, they don't exist.

Even though iOS 9 is now open for developers, it will be interesting to see if the new operating system will carry any fixes for the Music app that may stem the battery drain once iPhone 6S starts rolling out. As of now, it seems we'll need to stay plugged in as long as we're streaming.


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