This is what your iPhone 6S will be like

With a mere couple of months to go before Apple dazzles a worldwide audience with the new iPhone 6S, speculation columns are rife with updates on what new features the next world beater will carry.

A noted source for Apple news and updates, 9to5Mac has now come up with a world of updates on the new iPhone for the technically superior kind. In a commentary that deals with chips, Wi-Fi modules and other technical aspects, it has basically laid out the new iPhone for all of us to see.

To cut things short, here's a brief note on the iPhone 6S that common folk would like to know.


Force Touch

Force Touch debuted with Apple's new MacBook and will be launched along with the iOS 9 operating system and, yes, it will feature in the upcoming iPhone 6S.

A Force Touch display will ensure users will be able to perform pressure-sensitive scrolling through the home button that will perform similar to the trackpad in the MacBook. As per the 9to5mac, "Force Touch will be integrated into Maps to drop new pins, into media players for pressure-sensitive scrolling, into the Calendar for adding new events, and across the system for quickly looking up word definitions."


Real time download speeds

The next iPhone is set to feature a new Qualcomm MDM9635M chip which will deliver more than twice the download speed than the iPhone 6, supporting speeds as high as 300Mbps. However, the maximum upload speed will peak at 50Mbps. The new LTE chip is also said to be more power-efficient and will generate lesser heat than the existing 9X25 chip inside the iPhone 6.



Most speculations suggest that the iPhone 6S will feature the same chassis as the iPhone 6 and that is where the similarities will end. However, 9to5Mac believes that the iPhone 6S will be 0.13mm thicker, 0.16mm taller and 0.13mm wider than its predecessor. This will hardly make any difference to how it feels on the palm, though we are not quite sure if existing iPhone 6 cases will be compatible with the new phone.

Image source: 9to5Mac 



Apple will stick to the 16GB base storage in the upcoming iPhone 6S, though you will still be able to enjoy larger capacities. Recently, a chip used by Apple to test a prototype of the next iPhone had a capacity of 16GB. However, it will be safe to not to take this news for granted as Apple may only have used a low-storage version for testing purposes.


Camera upgrades

The iPhone 6S' front camera will feature a flash, panoramic capability and 1080 pixel resolution as against 720 pixels in the iPhone 6.

The new flash feature may allow users to take bright selfies in low-light conditions, includng perfect darkness, which should compensate for some severe criticism that iPhone cameras have faced over the years. In addition, the bigger resolution should allow selfies to be more defined and appear less pixelated when seen in larger screens like in iPads and computers.

The front facing camera may also allow them to take panoramic selfies in wider backdrops. For instance, users will now be able to capture themselves during a game of football with the entire stadium in the background.


The next iPhone 6S, though not revolutionary, will definitely be worth investing in if you felt your iPhone 6 could be faster, more power efficient, easier to use and be attractive at the same time. With iOS 9 bringing in the Apple Music app, upgrades to Maps, Apple Pay and News features, the iPhone 6S could be a delight to behold come fall.  

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