This new data plan from Three could be a real deal

Nearly two-thirds of mobile phone users in the UK choose from a variety of mobile data plans without exactly knowing how much data individual activities consume on their existing plans!

A recent research commissioned by Three revealed the stark truth, thus enabling Three to launch a new 8GB data plan which Three claims can cater effectively to you daily browsing needs.

The new 8GB plan is already available for Pay Monthly customers and will be available on Pay-As-You-Go SIM-only deals from August. In addition, you will also be able to avail the entire 8GB data for personal hotspot.


For example, the space gray Apple iPhone 6 (16GB) is now available with an 8GB plan costing either £44 or £45 a month with an upfront cost for the device (screenshot above).

Most users in fact assume that whatever data they consume every month will not exceed their data plans, which leads either to over consumption or under-consumption of their plans. This is similar to not knowing how much colories your daily meals contain when you are on a specific diet plan.

The research, conducted by Censuswide, came out with a list of data consumed for common activities conducted by almost every user on the internet:


Data usage

1 hour of instant messaging


1 hour of web browsing


Download 100 emails


1 hour Skype call


1 hour Skype video call


Download 1 photo


Download 1 MP3


Download 1 film trailer (720p)


1 software/game download


Download 1 film


Streaming 1 hour of video (standard definition)


Streaming 1 hour of video (HD)


Streaming 1 hour of audio 



You can read details about the research conducted by Censuswide here.


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