Fatal malware threatening iPhones and iPads, says report

Security firm FireEye has published a report claiming that combinations of three lethal malware can effectively "demolish, break and hijack" iPhones and iPads.

The firm claims that it notified Apple about such malware before publishing the report, and that Apple hasn't responded to them yet.

A malware named "Manifest Masque" has the potential to invade platforms that use third party application stores. It's critical impact is multiplied by another malware named "Extension Masque" which impacts an iPhone's or iPad's ability to protect its applications. According to FireEye, these two malware can "kill, replace or tamper with apps" that can seriously compromise personal information of users like GPS location, call logs or contacts.

Yet another malware named "Plugin Masque" kills off a device's ability to create secure VPN due to which it is left open to hackers without any form of protection.

Although no such instances of malware attacks have been reported by iOS users so far, devices that are not updated beyond iOS 8.1.3 OS version are particularly vulnerable to such attacks.

If you are still using an iPhone 4 or older versions, we suggest you switch over to a newer version to avoid malware that cannot be tackled effectively by old iOS security mechanisms.

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